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At Sharp Software, we specialize in designing and prototyping web platforms. We can take your idea from concept to a working system that you can put in front of users or sell to customers. We can do it in weeks instead of long months to years.
- Brandon Mansfield
"Brandon is an artist. I don't constrain him with too many details, I provide a vision or direction and what he comes up with is better than my original idea."
Ryan Hyde
RPH Engineering
"The velocity and quality of your work is amazing."
David Jackson
Light Speed Health
"I have never seen anyone design and build as fast as Brandon designs and builds."
Aaron Throckmorton
STG Consulting
"Man this is amazing. I'm over the moon with your work!"
Jason Hartline
Albanese Longhorns

Next Steps

Who is your customer?
What problem are you solving?
What is your vision?
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Discovery call
Are we a good fit for your needs?
How do we measure success?
Will the budget work for your business case?
Project information
Identify stake holders
Identify required resources
Identify key requirements
Identify scope
Identify schedule
Identify budget
Project work
Schedule start
Watch progress
Adjust project path from developing experience and feedback from stake holders and users
Setup live production system
Monitor metrics
Review feedback